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Is your Business on Facebook? Your customers are.

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There’s no debating it – Facebook is a giant and it’s only getting bigger. Advertising on Facebook also allows you to reach your customers on their other platforms like: Instagram through Instagram Ads, Facebook Audience Network and WhatsApp. With such a huge user base, your Facebook Ads need to cut through the noise.  

At WhyyMedia we work with our clients to construct a tailored Facebook Ad campaign by combining audience targeting, ad copy and ad creative to narrow down and target their desired audience.

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how we work with facebook ads

We don’t measure Facebook Ads success by likes, follows and emojis, this is just engagement. While engagement is nice to have we focus on what really matters, Facebook Ads leading to more sales and more leads for your business. To do this we constantly tweak and fine-tune your ads to reach your target demographic and audeince.

  • By age
  • By location
  • By interests
  • By competition
  • By income
  • By lookalike customers
  • By re-targeting users who visited your site

spy on your competitor’s facebook ads

Ever wanted to find out what targeting your competitors or other businesses are using when they run Facebook Ads?

Discover their targeting in 3 easy steps all in a matter of seconds!

Download it now before we take this down or your competitors get their hands on it.

Our Facebook Ads Process

At WhyyMedia we stay up to date on the latest in Facebook Ads developments and news. As an Certified Facebook Blueprint advertiser we ensure you get the most of what Facebook Ads has to offer. We will research your target audience, maximise your ads and optimise your results. We do this by split-testing, monitoring and testing different combinations to get your the best results and ROI for your hard earned advertising dollars.

Once the initial audience research is complete we will work to create the ads for your business. Within the Facebook Ads platform there are a lot things to test to see what works for your business such as Campaign Budget Optimisation vs Ad Set Optimisation.

We will also test which campaign objectives will work to give you the best results, we will test objectives such as: Lead Generation, Conversion, Traffic, Catalog Sales and more.

Your customers are constantly scrolling through the Facebook Feed. There is so much content so when we’re advertising on Facebook we need to make sure we cut through the noise. 

On average a business has about 3 seconds to capture the attention of their prospect with an ad.

That’s why we’ll create your ads creative (video, image slideshow) and ad copy to capture your customers’ attention, quick.

Using jargon-free metrics, we will report your results to you in a regular and easy to understand way. We communicate the key perfomance metrics and explain what they mean in the context of your advertising. As a marketing agency it is in our best interest to keep getting you results so you continue to be one of our clients.

Frequently asked questions

Where do you get the images and wording from for the Ads?

We’ll work with you on the setup of the images and wording. We have a team that can assist with graphic design, video creation and slideshow creation. W Images can be taken off your current website or Facebook Page, or we can design tailored images for your campaigns.

Am I locked into a contract?

We will never lock you into a contract, all you have to do is give us 30 days written notice and we’ll ensure we don’t bill you next month. We do however recommend a 3 month minimum committment as this allows to plan and work towards quarterly goals together. If you ever have any questions regarding your account or the terms of use, feel free to reach out to us.

My business and Facebook page have low to no traffic right now. What should I do?

If your business has low Facebook traffic, we can work on some initial campaigns to grow your audience on Facebook.

If you already generating website traffic from other advertising sources such as Google or traditional non-digital sources you can start with the Retargeting Plan.

If your website is not generating much traffic at the moment you need to consider our Plus Plan to reach a new audience as well as dedicating a portion of your budget to retargeting. 

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