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It Pays to advertise using ‘Paid Social’.

promote your business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms online, with now over 1 billion users. Instagram users are also one of the most engaged online which is why advertising on Instagram makes so much sense.  

At WhyyMedia we help our clients advertise their with a tailored Instagram Ad campaign.

Our Instagram advertising strategies have helped generate thousands of leads and sales for us and our clients.

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how we work with instagram ads

We don’t measure Instagram Ads success by likes, followers and emojis, this is just engagement. While engagement is nice to have we focus on what really matters, Instagram Ads that translates to more sales and more leads for your business. To do this we constantly tweak and fine-tune your ads to reach your target demographic and audeince.

  • By age
  • By location
  • By interests
  • By competition
  • By income
  • By lookalike customers
  • By re-targeting users who visited your site

5 secrets to win more clients with instagram ads

We have helped our clients generate over $100 million in sales with Instagram Ads using the 5 strategies outlined in our free report

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Why advertise on instagram

At WhyyMedia we stay up to date on the latest in Instagram Ads. As a Certified Facebook Blueprint advertiser we ensure we stay in touch with Instagram changes as Instagram is a Facebook owned platform. We can design your ads to send people directly to your website. To do this we may utilise video content or carousel ads. All of these different ad products offer a unique way of sharing your brand story and targeting an audience that is interested or may be interested in your product or service.

Users on Instagram are very engaged on the platform. This means users enjoy using the platform and interact constantly with content by liking, clicking and sharing posts more often than other social platforms. 

Instagram is owned Facebook, this gives advertisers on Instagram access to the mountain of data that Facebook has all its users. 

Using jargon-free metrics, we will report your results to you in a regular and easy to understand way. We communicate the key perfomance metrics and explain what they mean in the context of your advertising. As a marketing agency it is in our best interest to keep getting you results so you continue to be one of our clients.

Frequently asked questions

Where do you get the images and wording from for the Ads?

We’ll work with you on the setup of the images and wording. We have a team that can assist with graphic design, video creation and slideshow creation. W Images can be taken off your current website or Facebook Page, or we can design tailored images for your campaigns.

Am I locked into a contract?

We will never lock you into a contract, all you have to do is give us 30 days written notice and we’ll ensure we don’t bill you next month. We do however recommend a 3 month minimum committment as this allows to plan and work towards quarterly goals together. If you ever have any questions regarding your account or the terms of use, feel free to reach out to us.

My business website and Instagram business profile have low to no traffic right now. What should I do?

If your business has low Instagram traffic, we can work on some initial campaigns to grow your followers on Instagram .

If you already generating website traffic from other advertising sources such as Google or traditional non-digital sources you can start with the Retargeting Plan.

If your website is not generating much traffic at the moment you need to consider our Plus Plan to reach a new audience as well as dedicating a portion of your budget to retargeting. 

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Maximise leads and sales with a tailored Instagram marketing campaign. We move in innovative ways and are the digital marketing agency that businesses in Australia rely on.

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